Having your office, building, house or business fitted with custom glass shelves is probably the best decision you can make to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Custom glass shelves provide efficient storage and are no doubt beautiful. Glass shelves have this way of showing off what they are holding without attracting attention to the shelf itself. The only problem is when it starts showing scratches, cracks and becomes dull; it now attracts attention to itself that is not so good.

To avoid having your shelves steal the show negatively, you could do one of these two: buy and install new shelves or install the ones you have.

Why you should consider having your glass shelf installed

  • It is cheaper

Compared to buying and installing new shelves, installing the ones you have will cost much less. Depending on what is needed, you will find that you will spend only a couple of dollars to get the job done.

  • It saves time

Installing new shelves means tearing down the old ones and spending one or two days installing the new ones. If the shelves were in a business premise, you will lose one or two working days. installing on the other hand guarantees the shelves looking new in just a matter of time.

  • Restores the good look

Instead of having your shelves draw attention to them negatively, installing them gets them to show off what they hold once again. This way, you get to show off the beauty of the room of your products.

Why choose us to do your install?

  • We are a team of highly qualified professionals who have lots of experience in glass restoration and install.
  • We offer quality services to our clients.
  • We are known for working on schedule and with minimum supervision.
  • The equipment and products we use during the job is top notch.

How do we get it done?

In as much as we have had years of experience in the field, we are not quick to say we know it all.

When you ask for install services, we will ask you basic questions that will help us determine the kind or install you need.

This will help us to send you the right person along with the right set of equipment.

The person who comes to serve you will give you the quotation and get the job done. Days later, the same person will drop by just to see if all is well.

If you have glass shelves that need install or restoration, give us a call today and get your install taken care off.

We are available for Same Day window installation. Call us now or contact us online.

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