Glass furniture is looks great and enhances the look and feel of any room.

Be it furniture for the house, a business premise or the office, the bring out the beauty of the room.

They are designed to be showy thus attracting attention to what is beneath or behind them.

This makes them good for display; while efficiently holding the product on display, they don’t attract attention to themselves.

The only problem with glass top furniture is eventually the glass top becomes dull, they start to show scratches and depending on how well they are handled, they may show cracks.

When this happens, do not panic and start budgeting for new furniture when you can easily install the ones you have.

Simply call us. We are a glass install and restoration company that offers services for installing and restoring glass top furniture.

If you are considering having your glass top furniture installed, you should consider hiring us because:

  • Our company is made up of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in installing and restoring glass top furniture.
  • We offer you quality services, once the install process is done, your furniture will look good as new.
  • Our prices are affordable
  • We deliver on time and work with minimal supervision.
  • We are the best in glass top furniture restoration, we have satisfied clients to back up our claim.

How does installing your glass top furniture benefit you?

  • Good image

Having your furniture installed gives you good image among your peers and clients. It shows you care about your business and self image.

  • Saves you money

installing your furniture instead of buying new ones is a good way of saving money.

Why go through the trouble of buying a new piece of furniture when you can install the one you have for much less?

  • Saves you time

Time is money in business. Imagine all the time you would spend seeing contractors and explaining to them the kind of furniture you want, then spend more time closed down for them to have it fixed in. when its installing, you don’t even have to close down, the job is done when you are open, everything looks new in a matter of hours.

How do we do it?

The process is pretty simple, when you call for install, we will ask basic questions to know the kind of furniture in question, then we will send the right person who will get the work done and give a quotation.

You have furniture that need restoration or install? Give us a call, we will sort you out!

We are available for Same Day window installation. Call us now or contact us online.

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