Glass railings are very luxurious. The fact that they are see through allows the walls to be seen from behind thus showing off the beauty of the room.

In addition to this, they look like crystals floating in the middle of the room.

The only problem with glass railings is the fact that they are low and people keep touching them- with hands and objects.

This means that they can easily scratch and get dull pretty quickly and start showing scratches from objects that contact them.

Since once in a while heavy objects are moved up and down the stairs, they can get cracks from impact.

When one of these things happen, do not take off the entire glass railing, just have it install.

It is true that the glass railing will go dull, show scratches or crack way before the glass actually becomes old.

For this reason, you need us; a glass restoration and install company. We are a company that offers install services for glass railings. We do cleaning, replacing, and also fix scratches on glass. We are a team of highly qualified professionals who will ensure that at the end of the job, you glass railing is as good as new.

Why work with us?

  • Our services are of good quality and our prices are fair.
  • We have all the necessary equipment and man power to get the job done in the right amount of tome
  • We work with minimal supervision
  • Apart from the good service we offer you, we are a wealth of information.

How does installing your glass rail benefit you?

  • Maintains your good image

The reason why you opted for glass railing over any other type of railing was the image it portrayed; class and sophistication. installing and restoring that railing only keeps this reputation intact.

  • Saves you money

If your glass railing starts showing cracks or scratches before it’s actually old, instead of pulling it down, simply have it installed instead of installing a new one. You will find that you have saved more than half the money you could have used.

  • Saves you time

Installation takes time like weeks. Having the glass rail installed will only take hours. Even so, people can still use the stair case of balcony as the job is being done.

How do we work?

You make a call to make an inquiry; we establish the kind of install that needs to be done.

We send down someone to come assess the glass railing, the person writes you a quotation. On the agreed date, our staff comes to serve you.

Our professional staffs will handle your entire railing install. Call us today and have it installed

We are available for Same Day window installation. Call us now or contact us online.

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