Stains, cracks ad breakage are unavoidable with mirrored wall at home. Mirrored walls are a great investment at home and good maintenance is therefore important to help maintain their look and durability.

Our glass install company is your partner to go when you want your mirrored walls replaced. Our services will leave your walls sparkling clean, healthy, and safe and extend its durability. With our experienced professional staff and our company being in this industry for many years, we have mastered the art of offering excellent services to our clients that makes them coming more for our services.


Mirrored walls install service benefits

Our specialized staff uses only the best machine and the latest technology to give you the best for your mirrored walls. With our install services you will get your mirror more:


  • Cleaner- its shine and polish will be back. You will get the best images of you when the mirror is spotless and with no cracks.
  • Safe- our services will take care of the possible cracks and breakages in that no one will realize there was any type of damage. Safety for your kids and also pets is prioritized when around the mirror.
  • Health- after a specialized touch from our staff, your mirror will get a healthier look free from spots and stains. it will be free from germs, dust and even molds.


Mirrored wall install process

Our install and restoration process is very powerful but real as it seeks to restore your deteriorating mirror back to looking as new. To start off with this powerful process our team will always:

  • Move furniture around the mirror-this will help our team to maneuver and be able to access the whole area of the mirrored wall. Getting access of the whole mirrored wall will make its install and restoration process easier and quick.
  • Identify problems- this process will enable our team to know what techniques and machines to use to resolve the damage and re image it back as it was new exceptionally.


With the nature of install and restoration to be done at your home, it’s advisable to keep your children and pets at a safe distance.

Our professional staffs are always ready to get to work in any type of house no matter the size. We are a phone call away and you will be amazed at our affordable and competitive rates we have to offer.

Bring back the shine on your mirrored wall and you will realize that the blurred shine was not worth. Our services are up to standards and will leave you 100% satisfied.


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