An office partitioned with glass is attractive and a great way to impress clients as well as your work force.

You still have an open office where the supervisor can easily monitor everyone while at the same time it’s not noisy because of the walls.

Apart from its functionality, it makes the office look so beautiful.

The problem, however, comes when they start looking dull. It makes the entire office look old. Or when the walls start showing scratches and cracks. What do you do then?

When your office glass partitions starts giving you problems, call us.

  • We are a glass install company that offers services in installing glass partitions.
  • We are a group of professionals who have a lot of experience in glass fabrication.
  • We install new custom glass partitions


Why work with us to install your office glass partition?

  • Our prices are affordable and our services are top notch
  • We not only have the needed equipment and products to get the job done, we only use the best.
  • We deliver our services within the specified time and work with minimal supervision
  • We help you make informed choices. Upon enquiry, we will give you all the information you need to make the right choice.


Why should you consider install?

  • A cheaper option

There are instances when your partitions are in perfect condition except for one detail. Maybe the only problem is a scratch. Do you bring down the entire partition? In such a case, install is a cheaper and better option.

  • A faster option

If the only thing wrong with the partitions in your office is that the glass is becoming dull, having them cleaned and restores is better option compared to installing a new wall. Cleaning can be done with people still working, installing new walls means you either shut down or move everyone to a different location for a while.

  • install restores the office’s good image.


How do we go about the install process?

For office glass partitions, the process is pretty simple. We will ask you questions when you call for install, to help us establish the kind of install you will need.

We will then send someone over to come do the office and assess the situation then give a quotation.

Later, on the agreed date and time, we will send over people to come and get the job done.

Your office partitions need some install done? Call us today on the numbers given on the official page.

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