Antique Mirrors

Mirrors are always prone to losing their shine making them look older than they really are. Unforseen spills, stains, cracks and accidental breakage might leave your Antique mirrors not looking as perfect and new as you would like. Bringing back the shine of your beautiful antique mirror by yourself may prove difficult especially if you don’t know how to go about it.


Building Facade




Custom Glass Enclosures

Having a shower that has a glass enclosure is such a good idea. It gives your house a classy look and makes the bathroom look beautiful. The only problem with custom shower enclosures is that they are constantly exposed to steam. The steam makes the glass to go dull after a short period of time.


Custom Shelving

Having your house or business premise fitted with glass shelves is probably the best decision you have ever made. They provide efficient storage and are no doubt beautiful. Glass shelves have this way of showing off what they are holding without attracting attention to the shelf itself. The only problem is when it starts showing scratches, cracks and becomes dull; it now attracts attention to itself that is not so good.


Entrance Systems

Having the right entrance system is just as important as having the right business. The entrance is the first image people have of you- the owner of the business.  Therefore, it is important that you choose the right company to install your building entrance system. Most systems function optimally when installed but after some time, they break down.


Glass Railings

Glass railings are very luxurious. The fact that they are see through allows the walls to be seen from behind thus showing off the beauty of the room. In addition to this, they look like crystals floating in the middle of the room. The only problem with glass railings is the fact that they are low and people keep touching them- with hands and objects.


Metal Panels


Mirrored Wall

Our services will leave your walls sparkling clean, healthy, and safe and extend its durability. With our experienced professional staff and our company being in this industry for many years, we have mastered the art of offering excellent services to our clients that makes them coming more for our services.




Office Glass Partition

An office partitioned with glass is attractive and a great way to impress clients as well as your work force. You still have an open office where the supervisor can easily monitor everyone while at the same time it’s not noisy because of the walls. Apart from its functionality, it makes the office look so beautiful.


Shower Doors

Shower glass doors add beauty and style to your bathroom. But this shine usually fades off even after 2 months of installation. The water we use normally contains chemicals and hence the cause of stains and spots on the shower doors.


Store Front

They say first impressions count. It’s true. So many people decide on which store to go to based on what it looks like, especially if there is more than one store offering the same service on one street. Everyone wants to be seen going into a store that is stylish, neat and well kept. It is therefore important that you choose a store front that suits your business and maintain it so that it always looks inviting.



Windows are one of the most important parts of your store or home. You have windows for two purposes: either for display and for ventilation. No matter the function your windows have, you need them to look clear and new. Despite the fact that when windows are first installed they are clear, without scratches and shinny, with time they stop shinning, show scratches and cracks.

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