Shower glass doors add beauty and style to your bathroom. But this shine usually fades off even after 2 months of installation.

The water we use normally contains chemicals and hence the cause of stains and spots on the shower doors.

Keeping clear the spots and stains usually proves difficult since many use any type of cleaning agent which end up not bringing clear results.

Our glass install  company comes in handy to help you bring back the beauty of your shower glass door and keeping it safe and free of chemicals for your family.

We offer top-notch services that our clients love and trust.


Shower door restoration

We use the very best cleaning agents and the latest technology that will leave your shower door looking like they have just been installed. Our services will benefit you greatly since your shower doors will be:

  • Cleaner- with the use of our expert cleaning solutions that are abrasive free we will leave your shower door free from water spots giving it a clear clean shine.


  • Healthier-the build up on the shower glass isn’t that healthy. Our expert will bring down the buildup stains thus giving you a clear healthy polish that will last for long.


  • Long lasting- the use of different cleaning solutions usually open the glass pores that making it more prone to stains and deterioration. Our restoration service are different since our experts will polish your door with right solutions that will help keep it longer


Shower door cleaning

Our cleaning solutions and agents are strong enough to clean all the build up on your glass door. They are not harsh thus you can be assured of safety and none starch marks on the shower door surface. To get on smoothly with the cleaning process our experts will:

  • Check out the amount of build up- this will help them get the right amount of cleaning solution to obtain best results and apply the hydro shield sealer to fill the glass pore for easy cleaning.
  • Grind the stains-using their skills they get rid of the impurities and polish it using professional glass treatment that will help keep it cleaner for longer.


We always deliver the best to our clients who are always happy and keep coming for more restoration services.

Our rates are very affordable and you don’t have to worry of any kind of exploitation.

Our professional teams have many years of experience and they handle these services in any type of house with great confidence.

Call us today to experience top- notch services that will surely leave you satisfied.

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