They say first impressions count. It’s true. So many people decide on which store to go to based on what it looks like, especially if there is more than one store offering the same service on one street.

Everyone wants to be seen going into a store that is stylish, neat and well kept. It is therefore important that you choose a store front that suits your business and maintain it so that it always looks inviting.

In as much as storefronts always look beautiful when first installed, after sometime they will need some sort of maintenance.

You will need a professional to come clean the glass so it remains clear as new, or you will need the door or window fixed because it got broken.

This is where we come in. We are a install company made up of professional contractors who install glass storefronts.

We are highly qualified and have had lots of experience with different designs of store fronts over the years.

We offer quality services at an affordable price and are known to deliver on time.

Why go for our install services?

  • We save you money

There are instances when its only one thing needs install, maybe one of the glasses has a nasty scratch, bringing the entire storefront down on its account is a waste of money when you can easily have it fixed.

  • We save you time

Installing a new glass door or window on your storefront means you close shop for a couple of days. install on the other hand could go on when the store is open.

  • Get good publicity with a store front that stands out

When clients see that you are quick to install your storefront, they perceive it as you caring for your business. There is one thing people who care about their business are notorious for; caring for their clients as well. Your clients will keep coming back because they will feel valued.

How we do our installs?

We work with you. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our clients and deliver exactly what they asked for.

We will ask of the type of storefront you have and what needs install then we will send the best person we have for that type of install to you.

S/he will assess the situation and give you a quotation.

Later, on the agreed date and time, s/he will come over and get the job done.

Days later, we’ll send someone to come and check if all is well.

You have a storefront that needs install?

Why wait, give us a call using the numbers given on our official site.

We are available for Same Day window installation. Call us now or contact us online.

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